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Ordinance No. 184168 added Section 12.82 to Article 2 of Chapter 1 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code to allow the operation and establishment of temporary emergency shelters for the homeless throughout the City for the duration of the 2016 El Nino precipitation cycle. A government agency, religious institution, non-profit charitable organization or private non-profit organization which provides, or contracts with recognized community organizations to provide, emergency or temporary shelter for the homeless must register below to operate a temporary emergency shelters for the homeless under Ordinance No. 184168

The Los Angeles Fire Department Directive #43 - “COLD WET WEATHER TEMPORARY SHELTER” identifies the minimum fire life safety requirements that Providers must adhere to in order to operate a temporary emergency shelter for the homeless under Ordinance No. 184168. As part of the registration process, Providers must certify that their temporary emergency shelter will comply with the requirements listed in Los Angeles Fire Department Directive #43.

ZIMAS Map Instructions -

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